It all starts with inspiration.

It’s easy to get inspired here in Burlington, VT, where Lake Champlain sparkles, farm-fresh food abounds, the art and music scene booms, and two mountain ranges beckon during all four seasons. Every day, we tap into that inspiration and infuse it into our work, ultimately delivering branding and messaging solutions that resonate, delight, connect … and yes, inspire.

Why we do what we do:

As a collection of brand strategists, designers, and marketers, we’re an effective blend of artistic, out-of-the-box creatives, critical thinkers and strategists. But underneath that, we’re a group of community-minded people who deeply believe that addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) – the conditions where we live, learn, work, play and age – our neighborhoods, homes, schools and jobs – can help solve many, if not most, of our societal problems. We focus on helping SDOH organizations communicate their missions and strengthen their impact because supporting their work brings meaningful improvements to the health of their communities and our world.

Who we are:

Inventive, experienced, industrious, and full of heart. These are just a few ways to describe our dynamic group.


Mark Crow

With over ten years of industry experience and 18 years of experience as a business lawyer, he leads the team as chief brand strategist. Utilizing design thinking, devil’s-advocate scrutiny and a deep understanding of the business of professional services, he’s responsible for driving team interpretation and collaboration to ultimately deliver results on every opportunity. If you ask him what he did last weekend, the answer will undoubtedly be hiking.

Creative Director

Jennifer Raleigh

With over 20 years in the graphic design industry, she is our fearless leader in the creative world. You’ll undoubtedly hear, ‘ask Jenni’ echoing through the office because chances are, she knows the answer to whatever the heck you’re asking (don’t ask her via iChat though, as those messages tend to die of old age before she reads them).

Art Director

Korinne Gallant

When you’re the daughter of a graphic designer and named after a font, having passion for design and photography isn’t much of a plot twist. Kori can’t say which she loves more, but the masterful combination of beautiful photography and compelling design is her idea of perfection—hence why design inspiration websites have the uncanny ability to highjack her attention for hours on end. Also, she’s undeniably the office cat lady.

Brand Manager

Dylan Crow

Dylan is a bit of an in-house renaissance man, contributing to project management, creative brainstorming and research. His background in psychology comes in handy in navigating the subtleties of great branding. A graduate of Colorado College and retired ski bum, Dylan loves all things mountain related, and when he’s not outside, you can find him buffing up on films or grabbing VT microbrews with a friend.

Join the Team!

We are always on the lookout for industry leading talent. Check out our open job positions here.

How we got our name:

The Chinese folktale Ten Red Crows tells the story of the origin of our Sun: ten red crows flew to the stars and filled their plumage with the wisdom, light and brilliance they found there. They flew back to Earth, where they were too bright; the good archer shot nine from the sky, leaving the tenth in his perch on the East Mulberry Tree. Each day he flies around the Earth as our Sun.

In our work as branding, graphic design and marketing experts, we take very seriously the process of shedding light on the innermost part of a brand, because that is usually where the emotionally resonant, compelling, simple and essential elements lie, the ones that set it apart from the crowd and the competition. For the businesses and organizations we work with, we’re that torchbearer, exposing the heart of each brand and bringing it into the light. We’re the tenth crow.

OK, enough about us…

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