Northwestern Medical Center associated brands

Northwestern Medical Center has several programs and divisions that require their own specific brand identity, while still clearly remaining part of the NMC family. We developed the look and feel for several such divisions, letting their unique personalities shine through.  
Brand identity
Print advertising
Digital advertising
Print design
Website design
Campaign management
Media planning

Healthy Beginnings

NMC’s OBGYN department developed a class for new mothers; we helped them market this new program by designing a logo and visual identity for the class that complemented NMC’s core brand. We worked with them to create print and digital collateral that not only described the class in an informative way but that evoked the comforting, safe and welcoming environment offered by the NMC community.

Physician Recruitment 

We worked with NMC to develop a print solution for their physician recruitment efforts. After developing an aesthetic that connected with the hospital’s roots, we designed a folder and accompanying array of collateral elements that depicted the workplace culture at NMC. The result was an elegant package of information for new recruits that created a great and strong first impression.

Capital Campaign

NMC recently underwent a major fundraising effort to support renovations and addition to their facilities. We developed an elegant booklet to support the campaign, providing art direction, photography, copywriting and design. Our finished piece conveyed the strong culture and history of the hospital while telling the story of their impact on the community, and the community’s impact on them. It was a resonant piece that succeeded in driving donations for NMC. This campaign won first place for the 2016 New England Society for Healthcare Communications’ Lamplighter Award.

NMC Urgent Care Commercial

We provided concepts, art direction, production and script development for a television commercial to support the opening of NMC’s new Urgent Care Center. The humor used in the piece connected with the tongue-in-cheek approach taken on the print and digital elements created for the launch campaign.

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