National Bank of Middlebury

National Bank of Middlebury is a community bank with over 200 years of history, headquartered in Middlebury, Vermont. Before working with us, NBM‘s marketing and advertising was largely indistinguishable from its competitors and the look and feel of its collateral materials was inconsistent. As a smaller bank, NBM was facing intense competition from other larger, regional and national banks operating within NBM’s region and markets. Senior management sought our help in growing their customer base and in re-strategizing their marketing efforts for efficiency, impact and modernization.

After a thorough customer, market and stakeholder analysis, we developed a refined, refreshed and emotionally impactful brand identity that complemented and built upon their existing look and feel. We worked with them to overhaul their marketing materials and their website. Our collaboration with their in-house marketing team has been effective; brand awareness and local recognition is on the rise, customers’ branch experience is improved, and NBM’s digital banking experience is competitive.

Brand Identity
Print advertising
Website design
Digital advertising
Campaign management
Marketing collateral

In-branch experience

One of NBM’s goals was to increase consistency among their brand’s touch points and to improve customers’ experience in their branch locations. We developed a quarterly marketing campaign to promote sales initiatives with in-branch elements like posters and cards for the tellers’ desks, putting the brand’s down-to-earth, lightly humorous and neighborly tone of voice to use.

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