Leonine Public Affairs

Formerly known as KSE Partners, Leonine Public Affairs is a leading government affairs and strategic communications firm. Their former brand, KSE, no longer represented who they were or where they wanted to go so they sought our help in developing a new brand that better captured their unique character, ambitions and offerings. We began with in-depth team, client and leadership interviews, ultimately gaining a perspective that led us to develop Leonine Public Affairs, a new brand identity built on their core values of trust, hard work, actionable insight, reliability and efficacy.

Brand Identity
Web design

Building the brand

Actionable insight, confidence, leadership and vigor – these were some of the character elements that we called on to develop Leonine’s new logo, an eye-catching alternative to the stale traditionalism of most public service firm logos. We worked with a vibrant color scheme and the classic lion, a timeless symbol for strength and influence, to create the final logo.

Leonine logo design

Website Design

Leonine’s top priority for their website was to break out of their industries’ standard look and seamlessly integrate their many diverse services. It was essential that first time visitors quickly grasped their full capabilities and that current clients discovered new ways that Leonine could help them. Knowing this, we structured their homepage as a service portal, highlighting their five areas of expertise. The interior pages communicate their expertise and service offerings with clear information design and bold colors.


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