Vermont Captive Insurance

Vermont Captive Insurance has a rich history and strong foundation powered by the expertise of their team, unique infrastructure, and ongoing legislative support. However, over the years their visual brand identity became diluted and outdated. We helped them rebrand and showcase their updated brand identity on a new website.

Brand Identity
Logo evolution
Web design

Slide Our task was to further define "the Gold Standard,” —a moniker affectionately given to Vermont Captive previously, and to identify their true brand essence. What we discovered through extensive research and stakeholder interviews, was that the heart of Vermont Captive lay in their strength & integrity—always applying their expertise to each situation, and dedication to doing what is right.

Captive insurance is a complex industry and we wanted their website to be a place where visitors can learn about captive basics, as well as learn about Vermont Captive, specifically. It was redesigned to focus on providing valuable and useful industry information in a clean, easy-to-use format for an improved user experience.

The voice of this campaign strives to be one that evokes trust. We wanted to convey Vermont Captive's integrity and strength through bold use of elegant, sophisticated type, and confident language. The spacious design conveys their approachability, straightforwardness and transparency. We applied the same thinking to a cohesive digital advertising suite and social media assets to bring the brand to life online.