Southwire is a leading American manufacturer of wire and cable with a focus on the distribution and transmission of electricity. Their products power our homes, commercial buildings, industrial plants, energy facilities and more. Though their products are technical in nature, the heart of their business is the people they serve.

Our marketing partnership with Southwire began with a focus on developing solutions for collateral to support their sales teams. Over the years, our work has expanded to include everything from print pieces to support their HR team and their presence at tradeshows to digital advertising and identity development for a range of product brands, as well as designing office murals supporting the company mission and culture. Throughout this wide range of projects, we have been able to provide value to Southwire with strategic marketing insight, a modernized and customer-focused visual identity and a pointed differentiation within a crowded market. 

 Marketing collateral
Logo design
Tradeshow & exhibits

Logo design

Considering the international scope of their product use and recognition, it is essential for Southwire to have defined and differentiated subsidiary brands. We have developed a number of logos for these product brands and campaigns.


Southwire logo for Rhino Brand Mining Cables.
Southwire logo for American Mustang cables.

Southwire's Project GIFT logo.

Southwire Riser MC Vertical Drop Cable logos.