NMC’s Covid-19 Response

When COVID-19 hit, Northwestern Medical Center’s rapid response helped ensure the safety of their community. We aided them in disseminating important COVID-19 information and simultaneously launched a campaign for telemedicine to help deliver routine care the community still needed. Once it was safe to start reopening, we developed a ‘welcome back’ campaign to inform people on how to do this safely and with confidence.   
Campaign design
Social media planning and implementation
Print design

Slide NMC quickly adopted telemedicine to help provide their services in a timely and safe way. Together, we rapidly turned around a full telemedicine campaign, complete with display ads, direct mail, and social media ads, directing people to a landing page explaining the new service and how to access it.


Slide When it was time to reopen, we helped communicate this to the public and educated people on how to do it safely. We created messaging for each customer touch point, helping make this transition as easy and safe as possible. We also helped NMC create co-branded PSA posters for businesses reopening, helping them to lay down safe expectations for customers.