Dinse, a prominent law firm based in Burlington, VT, was experiencing an identity dilemma. Their reputation was strong, their firm was growing, and their equity was overwhelmingly positive. However, their visual brand did not represent who they felt they were, or where they wanted to go. Plus, their brand flagship—their website—didn’t serve their marketing goals.

Brand Identity
Logo evolution
Web design

Our task was to update their visual identity to have it better represent their values, mission and brand. After our research, it became clear that their approach to work, relationships and internal culture is guided by the philosophy...

That values the humanity of our employees and clients; placing a premium on integrity, compassion and respect in its relationships and work. This set of core values is what drives their efforts towards excellence, and is what allows them to exceed at serving long-term clients with complex needs.
Original Dinse logo

Original Dinse logo

The logo needed a more proportional place for it to live, giving more emphasis to their name. The harsh red and black needed to be replaced—they are authorities in their fields and work to win, but they are also champions and confidantes for their clients. They needed a calm, authoritative blue, crisp white and lively yellow to reflect this.

Dinse wanted their new website to feel like being in their office, and to represent the character and passion that is present in their firm. After getting to know them and discovering what a dynamic, forward-thinking, first-rate group of professionals they are, we got to work designing a site that met their marketing needs while feeling authentic and unique.

We believe that every element of a brand’s experience should maintain the integrity of their identity, so we were thrilled to help Dinse design an initial campaign that brought their new look to life. We also created an invitation for their annual event to highlight and celebrate the new brand.