November 22, 2016

Tenth Crow Profiles: Meet Sarah Morrell

Sarah Morrell profile, Tenth Crow Creative blog

We figure it’s always nice to put a face to a name – so, we’ll be letting you get to know the members of our team a little better here on our Blog. Meet Sarah, who is so much more than a brand manager!

How did you make it to Tenth Crow?

I have always had the desire to work for a fun and spunky business that does not take itself too seriously. After moving from Boston I was lucky to find this boutique agency full of talented people.

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Ahhh… loaded question! Burlington hums with local businesses that have achieved radiant and successful branding. I get inspired every time I see a fresh new storefront, helping to raise the bar even higher for our clients.

What are the first 5 apps on your phone?

Instagram, Snapchat, Capital One, Audible, Pandora. I wonder what that says about me? I am not big into social media but free moments when I can scroll through photos of friends and family always brightens my day! Mobile banking simplifies my life! Audible is there as a reminder that long road trips do not have to be a waste to time, I need to utilize this more. And, Pandora, I still love your Music Genome Project.

Is there a marketing campaign that sticks with you from your younger years?

Cheerios. I was a such Cheerio kid. Before smart phones and tablets I racked up countless hours reading the back of cereal boxes, becoming a loyal brand consumer!

What has been your favorite project to work on at Tenth Crow?

I don’t have a favorite project, more of a favorite type. We have been doing a lot of website design, which I find fascinating and love to watch come alive! Our sites are primed for user navigation and always aesthetically pleasing.

How would you describe your workday at Tenth Crow?

A day that speeds by, full of client meetings, brainstorming, copywriting, presenting designs concepts, and going on many tangents! We are a dog-friendly office, so part of my day is walking my golden-doodle Burke (check him out on our culture page) and overloading on ‘the cuddle hormone’ oxytocin!

What is an important lesson you have learned at Tenth Crow?

Work-life balance, for sure. Our culture runs on the idea that if we work hard to produce for our clients, then there is good reason to celebrate! Finding that balance can be difficult, and Tenth Crow helps by promoting a stress-free environment that yields lots of excitement around snow days, long weekends, holidays and international trips!


  1. Jane Sokolowski

    Nice sounds like a great place to work AND play! Very nice to meet you Sarah

    • Tenth Crow Creative

      Thanks for visiting the site, Jane!

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